A Year's Progress by Marianne Knightly

A Year’s Progress

I often think about how far I’ve come. Progress can seem SOOOO slow, and taking time to reflect in different ways helps me realize I’m further along than I think I am.   One of my favorite tools is a 5-year journal – where you enter a few lines each day, and you can see …

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2021 Publishing Plans

Hello 2021! Creatively, last year didn’t go so well. All of my plans went up in smoke (as did yours, I’m sure!), but this is a new year and I’m feeling very hopeful. The biggest personal changes that will (hopefully) help me this year are related to my health and day job. Last year, I …

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Marianne Knightly

Should I crowdfund audiobooks?

I hope you all are doing okay, and are safe and healthy! Today, I’m sharing a super quick update on the audiobooks and pondering a larger question I hope you can help me answer. The big news is this: I have selected an audiobook narrator!!! I am soooo excited. As soon as I heard her sample …

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Marianne Knightly Writing & Life Update: July 2020

Writing & Life Update: July 2020

I hope you all are doing okay! Today I’m sharing another update. If you’re looking for updates on my writing, check out my last blog post for updates on my next spin-off series (including progress on Finn & Arianna’s Brazenbourg duet, though I’ll also talk a little bit about it here too). Today, I’ll share …

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Author Life Behind-the-Scenes by Marianne Knightly

Author Life: September 2019

Happy October! Today, I’m sharing another look behind-the-scenes of my author life. So what author-y things did I do in September? Writing! I can’t share what I’m writing just yet, but (SPOILER ALERT) I’m actually writing 2 books at once! The next full novel release after Ethan’s will be a duet of books, where the …

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Author Life Behind-the-Scenes by Marianne Knightly

Author Life: August 2019

Happy September! I’ve gotten some requests to post more about my author life and the day-to-day of writing, so I’ll be doing monthly posts going over everything I did in the previous month and giving you a behind-the-scenes look. You all seem to really enjoy my sharing these types of posts and content in the …

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