Writing & Life Update: June 2020

I hope you all are doing okay! Today I’m sharing a writing and life update.


I have started writing again! My muse went into hiding in March and finally returned in May. I worked on a super-secret project I hope to share in a few months but, in the meantime, I’ve been writing the first Vollywood book and am thinking the length of this one might be close to Rush (Hector & Millie’s story) though I’ve been wrong about this sort of thing before. These characters are taking me on a wild ride (which is one reason for the potential length), but I’m also setting up the other characters and scenes that will become important in future books in the series. For those who don’t know, the Vollywood series picks up (sort of) where Ethan & Anda’s book ends and is set in the star-struck world of Vollywood. You’ll meet a few new characters and couples, but Ethan and Anda will make an appearance as they continue Anda’s work from Royals 11 (I’m being vague to avoid spoilers if you haven’t read it yet).

On the royal front, my editor is almost finished with both books in the Brazenbourg duet and, apparently, they didn’t suck as much as I thought they did! Bonus! This will be a two-book series and the first book ends in a BIG cliffhanger, so I wrote both together so I could also release them close together (so you wouldn’t have to wait too long between books). I didn’t feel so great about the books when I finished these back in November. I think writers are generally tougher on their own books, but I had struggled with writing these. Some parts of the books came easily, others felt like pulling teeth, but once I got into a groove it was better. I’ll still have a lot to do with these books editing-wise once I get them back, but this is real progress. Still no word on release dates, but I’m still hoping for a release this fall.


Health-wise, I want you to know that I am doing okay! For those not aware, I had minor surgery in early May and recovery has gone well. I may need another surgery later this year, but that’s to think about later. Having surgery during a pandemic would not have been my first choice, but everything worked out great and the staff and nurses were amazing (so were my friends who helped me out while still social distancing). I feel really lucky to have the support I do, and I also feel BETTER, which is the most important thing. It has been a rough year health-wise (even before the surgery) and I am so excited that things are getting back on track again. I’ll keep everyone updated on how things go from here, but for now things are good (health-wise at least).

I hope you all are safe and well. I’ll be back with another update soon.

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