Delusional - A Royals Short Story by Marianne Knightly
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A commoner adjusting to a royal life.
A prince adjusting to a future wife.
A couple on the cusp of their first real fight.

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Brazenbourg Box Set by Marianne Knightly
Latest Release

Brazenbourg Box Set

Welcome to Brazenbourg, a small but mighty country nestled in the heart of Europe. Follow Prince Finn de Bara and his love, Arianna, former princess of Valleria, as they discover family secrets and battle for the future of Brazenbourg and their family.

How far will Finn go to protect the people and country he loves? Come visit Brazenbourg to find out.

This box set contains the full Brazenbourg duet of Bastard (Brazenbourg #1) and Battle (Brazenbourg #2)

Now Available in Audiobook!

Alexander & Rebecca (Royals of Valleria #1) by Marianne Knightly
Alexander & Rebecca (Royals of Valleria #1)
Marcello & Grace (Royals of Valleria #2) by Marianne Knightly
Marcello & Grace (Royals of Valleria #2)
Arianna & Finn (Royals of Valleria #3) by Marianne Knightly
Arianna & Finn (Royals of Valleria #3)
Charlotte & Nate (Royals of Valleria #4) by Marianne Knightly
Coming 2022 - Charlotte & Nate (Royals of Valleria #4)

Not all royal secrets were meant to be revealed…

It’s safe to say this isn’t your typical prince and a movie star romance. No, nothing about Captain Ethan Santoro, youngest son of Valleria’s king and doctor in the Navy, and famed actress Anda Salamanca is typical at all. Yet, as he’ll soon discover, she’s worth the threat of death and danger. Because she’s worth everything.

Ethan & Anda (Royals of Valleria 11) by Marianne Knightly