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A future king claiming the woman he loves.
Prince Alexander, heir to the throne of Valleria, takes his duties very seriously. So seriously, in fact, that he’s followed duty over pursuing the woman he’s loved for years. However, now it’s time for him to marry, and he’s tired of waiting. He’ll pursue her despite royal objections, and despite her own.

A commoner falling in love with a prince.
Rebecca Campo loves her work as chief of staff to Princess Catharine, her friend and Prince Alexander’s twin sister. Alex is every woman’s dream, and it comes as a shock when he seems to want her. Even after their passions overtake them, Rebecca still doesn’t believe they’re meant for forever because she’s only a commoner, not a future queen.

An unexpected threat that can destroy them both.
When a death threat is made against Alex, the whole family goes on alert. What no one counted on, however, was Rebecca getting caught in the crossfire.

This novel features an older virgin and the future king who wants her, a royal family that loves one another (even while they annoy each other), and a look behind fictional palace walls.

*This is a standalone book in the series with no cliffhanger, and features sexy scenes and swearing. Emotional trigger warning: discussion of potential assault. 

“An amazing love story and I can't wait to read more of this Royal Family.” - Goodreads Reviewer Laura

"...The characters are lovable and there's plenty of action, suspense and spice to hold your attention..." - Amazon Reviewer Deb

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