March 2021 Updates

Where has the time gone??? It’s almost April and life has really thrown me a punch or two recently (which is why I haven’t given an update before now).

Here’s the bottom line – my chronic illness kicked my ass in February and early March, and I may not have my current day job (which I just began in January!) for much longer so I’m job searching again (though I’m hoping the universe hears me and sends some stability my way). I’d hoped to not only have the Brazenbourg duet finished, but have all the Royals available in print by now. Unfortunately, that didn’t happen but, now that I’m feeling better (for the moment at least), I’m pushing forward on a number of fronts.

Brazenbourg duet – This is my priority in April, writing-wise. I will finish these and have them up for pre-order at a minimum (though I hope to release at least the first one). I am also trying to get the print editions released soon after the ebook release.

Print books – I am in the final stages of this process and hope to have all the Royals books ready in print by the end of April. Expect to see some giveaways for signed books once that happens!

Audiobooks – production for Royals 2 (Marcello & Grace’s story) and Royals 3 (Arianna & Finn’s story) have begun! It will like be June or July before they’re both ready and available for sale. Thanks to everyone who’s purchased Alex & Rebecca’s story on audiobook and left reviews – their book is available on Audible and Apple Books/iTunes.

Vollywood and the Royals – I’m finishing up Book 1 right now and loving it! Ash and Larkin are fantastic and I’m loving them like I’ve loved Alex & Rebecca and Hector & Millie. They’re both strong people (though they don’t always believe it) and the connection they share runs DEEP. I can’t wait for you to meet them.

After I turn this book into my editor, I’m going take a break from writing for a few weeks (to focus on Brazenbourg and print books), and after that I’ll decide whether or not to write book 2 of that series, or maybe focus on a Royals-centric book. I’ll post an update about that maybe in May after I decide what to do.

Let me know how you’re doing with a comment below!

~xoxo Marianne

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