Author Life: September 2019

Happy October!

Today, I’m sharing another look behind-the-scenes of my author life. So what author-y things did I do in September?

  1. Writing! I can’t share what I’m writing just yet, but (SPOILER ALERT) I’m actually writing 2 books at once! The next full novel release after Ethan’s will be a duet of books, where the first book ends in a cliffhanger (gasp)! I’m actually jumping between both books as I write, and I’ll turn them both into my editor later this year. More spoilers and sneak peeks to come over the next several months. I’m especially glad to be back writing because my muse decided to take a vacation in August, but it’s finally back at work.
  2. Royals 11 Cover Reveal and Pre-Order Launch! Prince Ethan’s story will be released on November 6th and I finally finished the book and got the pre-order live on major platforms (more details below). Pre-order it using these links: Amazon Kindle, Apple Books, Nook, Kobo, Google, and Goodreads.

Ethan & Anda (Royals of Valleria 11) by Marianne KnightlyNot all royal secrets were meant to be revealed…

Captain Ethan Santoro, youngest son of Valleria’s king and doctor in the Navy, has kept a lot of secrets. There was the time he officiated his brother’s elopement—his mother still hasn’t forgiven him for that—and all the many secrets he’s kept for his royal siblings. Keeping secrets, however, has its price.

He just didn’t think that price would be blood, namely his. All to protect the one woman he should stay away from, Anda Salamanca. The only woman who knows his secret, which, if revealed, could divide his royal family.

But he’s not the only one with a secret…he knows hers, too, and he’ll risk death to keep it.

She might never survive the royal spotlight if they got together again (neither will he at this rate). She might never survive his family (especially if they learn the truth). She might never fall in love with him again either…Or will she?

If they can both survive the onslaught, they might just have a chance, as long as no one gets caught in the crossfire. This time, they’re not only fighting for their lives, but for each other.

It’s safe to say this isn’t your typical prince and a movie star romance. No, nothing about them is typical at all. Yet, as he’ll soon discover, she’s worth the threat of death and of danger.

Because she’s worth everything.

 A second chance prince and a movie star romance.


Are you excited about Ethan’s story??? September was another busy month once I add in life and day job craziness. No matter what you did in September, remind yourself to be realistic about what you can achieve, and be proud of everything you’ve accomplished.

Now, I want to hear from you – what are some things you did last month? What are you most looking forward to in October?


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