The current Vallerian royal family descends from the House of Santoro.

All members of the royal family claim Santoro as their surname (e.g., His Royal Highness Prince Alexander Robert Louis Santoro di Valleria).

Extended family trees (such as those for the Brazenbourg Crown Prince Finn de Bara) will be posted in the future.

For more information about the love stories of the various royals, head to my Books section.

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Current Royal Family Tree (Marianne Knightly's Valleria)


Below are the immediate family trees for King Gabriel and Queen Genevieve. Though the Queen’s family is considered part of Vallerian high society, there was no previous royal relation until her marriage to then Prince Gabriel, so she was considered a commoner.

Click the image to access a downloadable PDF.

Extended Royal Family Tree (Marianne Knightly's Valleria) 21-0410

23 thoughts on “Royal Family Tree”

  1. I like this; looking forward to the additions. Since Alex and Cat are twins, shouldn’t there be a perforated line (like ——) between the two or some other symbol that indicates such?
    I was really fascinated by the uncles, aunts, and cousins that were featured in Royally Ever After; I took notes to keep up with the connections and personality traits (which is actually fun for me to do). Really glad that you will be adding them to the family tree.

    1. Thanks, Carla! Re: the lines between Alex and Cat – different family trees mark twins differently (it was difficult to find something consistent most could recognize), so I decided to leave that off to prevent confusion. 🙂

  2. I have been re-reading some of the books and I noticed that both Alexander and Ethan have their father’s middle names, Robert Louis. Did you mean to do this? If so, do all of the boys have these middle names, or is it something for the first born and the last born son only, or is this an oversight?
    Will we be seeing more of the cousins, Max and Eugenie, who will be working under Marcello in security and intelligence? Will Zinnia be seen again? I also sense that there is some trouble in Princess Carolina’s background that has been alluded to on 2 different occasions that I remember.
    I also like the photos of the palaces that you chose to represent the Di Valleria Royal Residencies on the home page. I can just imagine the characters living there. I hope that we will get to see the seaside palace in Lorenzo’s book.
    Looking forward to however many books you choose to write in this series of a beautiful and loving Royal family whose members have selected unconventional people to love.

    1. Hi, Carla! Re: the middle names – Yes! That was intentional. All of the royal brothers have the same middle names, which (fun fact!) is also their father’s and grandfather’s middle names (and so on). You will also definitely see the cousins and others, and definitely Zinnia again, though I’m not sure when I’ll get to their stories. You can always sign up for my newsletter or the blog to hear the news first, or check out my Coming Soon page on my author website (I’ll also be posting an FAQ section soon there, too). Thanks for being a fan of the series! (P.S. – Lorenzo lives in the Royal Castle in Masillia, which is one of the images you see on the home page.)

      1. Thanks for replying so soon. I am all signed up for your newsletter etc, and I often stalk your website and Facebook page. It is just that sometimes I see something more when I am re-reading and have to ask.
        Have a good evening,


  3. First I have to say I just totally love your books. I don’t know how many authors I have read in the last 25 years. But I can say that you are one of my top five favorites. I especially love that you gave Charlie a little personal issue to have to deal with and the stunning way that Nate took it in stride. I do wish there were more stories where everything is not exactly perfect.

    I simply can’t wait till your next book comes out.

    Best wishes and speedy writing!!

  4. I found your books by happy accident and I became a huge fan!! I can’t wait for a new book to come out! Thank you for hours of enjoyment.

  5. I have just finished reading about Lorenzo and Lily wonderful. Looking forward to the next story . I enjoyed all the books and will continue reading more as they are released .

  6. I really love this series of books. I can’t get enough. Will there possibly be a book about another royal sibling coming soon? I know there are three more left, who have not yet found love.

  7. Hi Marianne. Thank you for you books. I usually read them in a few hours after they’re released. Are you planning to release any more books the year.

    1. Hi, Leah! Carolina will get their own book but I haven’t written it yet. I’m working on a couple other books first, so I don’t have a timeline for that right now. It is coming though!

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