Here's a list of what I'm working on for this year. Don't see the story you were hoping I'd write? Take a minute to check out my FAQs to see if I mention it for a future book!

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After a lot of time being creatively blocked (or simply not feeling like writing), I have finally started writing again! I'm starting with some Royals-centric short stories to get me back in the groove, including some featuring Alex & Rebecca, Nate & Charlie, and Marcello & Grace (to start). While I may eventually release them to everyone, the majority of these will be exclusives for my patrons. You can get access to these for as little as $5 a month!


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There's a new way to read my books - on the Radish romance reading app! If you haven't heard of Radish before, it's a great, fun way to read romance in bite-sized episodes.

I'm slowly loading the Royals on there, and Alex & Rebecca's story (Royals #1) is totally free (it's labeled as Season 1), Marcello & Grace's story (Royals #2) is labeled as Season 2, and Arianna & Finn's story (Royals #3) is labeled as Season 3! The Brazenbourg series is also completely uploaded.

Different authors have their books (aka stories) set up in different ways but, in general, you'll be able to read stories for free by waiting for episodes to get unlocked, or using ‘coins’. Some episodes will require coins (it's a setting I can't change) but you can earn or win coins for free in various ways in the app.

Click the links below to find the Royals series and the Brazenbourg series (and don't forget to bookmark the series and click the notification button). More books will be added in the future!




I was so excited to be part of this amazing anthology featuring virgin romances with 13 other amazing authors! This limited time box set was only available during February 2022 so is no longer on sale, but I hope you picked it up while it was! If you did, be sure to add it to your Goodreads:

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The authors also teamed up to offer one lucky reader a $50 Amazon gift card - the giveaway is now closed and Tandi C. is the winner!


A spin-off series featuring Finn & Arianna is here! Both books in the duet are available now, along with the ebook box set. Paperback versions of the first two books are available via Amazon (a paperback version of the duet together will not be available).

Order Bastard, book 1 -

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The most recent full-length Royals series release featured Prince Ethan and his love Anda Salamanca. This is a second chance prince and an actress romance and it's available now! Get your copy.

As of now, I’ve written books for all the royal siblings except for Carolina, and no other full-length Royals books are planned for this year. Carolina will get her own book (likely in 2022), but I'll be working on the Vollywood series first (see below for more info on those series). Carolina’s story will be hard for me to write (for some personal reasons I’ll share in the future) which is probably why I’ve left her until last, and also why I might do a different Royals book instead (I have several couple-centric books I’d like to write too), or maybe even another short story instead of a novel.

Since I have published Arianna and Finn’s Brazenbourg duet (which also features storylines for Sarah & Rio), you will still get a Royals-related fix this year!



Audiobooks are here!

Order Alexander & Rebecca's story (Royals #1) on Audible or Apple Audiobooks.

Order Marcello & Grace's story (Royals #2) on Audible or Apple Audiobooks.

Order Arianna & Finn's story (Royals #3) on Audible and Apple Audiobooks.

More audiobooks are coming but because audiobooks are expensive to produce, I’ll be waiting a little while before we start with book 4. It will take at least a couple years to get through all the Royals audiobooks alone but, if the first few do well, then I’ll be able to produce the rest more quickly. I LOVE the ones we've done so far, so I’m excited to get the rest done too.


Print versions of the Royals & Seaside Valleria series are live - just find your favorite royals book or your favorite Seaside Valleria book, and head to Amazon to get your copy.

I'm not planning on creating print versions of the Italian Shipping Millionaires series, but if I hear from enough people who are interested in them, I would be open to doing those too.

I will be doing some giveaways for signed versions in the future and, for those who have or will soon purchase paperback copies, I'm also looking into creating book plates (basically a clear sticker with my signature on it that you can place inside the book).


VOLLYWOOD SERIES - COMING 2023 (hopefully)!

I loved writing Ethan & Anda's story so much that I decided to give them a spin-off! The Vollywood series will feature a few NEW couples and their love stories, all set in the glamorous (and not so glamorous) world of movies, tv, music, and more. Ethan and Anda will also appear as Anda continues her work from Royals #11 (I'm being vague here to avoid spoilers, but once you read that book you'll know what I mean).

This series will have several books and I'd like to finish several before I launch the first. The first couple books are in various stages of writing/editing, so I think a more realistic release date may be in 2023 or 2024.



The Seaside Valleria series takes place in Valleria's seaside city of Masillia, and centers around the people at the local pub, the Seashell.

The fifth and final book in the series, Rise, which focuses on Liz and Luke's story, is out now - purchase or read more now! I've got super fun epilogues (yes, plural!) at the end of that book which feature all the characters in the future, as well as a royal or two! The entire series is also now available in paperback - just pick your favorite Seaside Valleria book and head to Amazon to get your copy.

A boxed set of all the books in the Seaside Valleria series is also available! Get your copy now.


Boxed sets of books 1-3, books 4-6, and books 7-9 are available. A single boxed set of all books published to-date is not currently planned.


Updated June 2022.