Here's a list of what I'm working on for this year. Don't see the story you were hoping I'd write? Take a minute to check out my FAQs to see if I mention it for a future book!

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Royals 11 features Prince Ethan and his love Anda Salamanca. This is a second chance prince and an actress romance and it's available now! Get your copy.

If you missed the last book, Permanently Princess (Royals of Valleria #10) was released in 2018. This book featured updates on all the royal couples, but focuses on one royal couple dealing with a life-changing event.

No full-length Royals books (other than the related Brazenbourg duet - see below) are planned for 2020.


Yes, you read that right! A spin-off series featuring Finn & Arianna is on the way! This series will be 2 books and the first ends in a BIG cliffhanger, so I'm planning to release them close together so you don't have to wait too long between releases.

I am currently still planning to publish these this year but, honestly, given the pandemic, everyone's lives are altered (including mine and those of my editors) so the timeline may be delayed. I'll provide updates as I know them through my newsletter, blog, and various social media. More details about this series coming soon!


I loved writing Ethan & Anda's story so much that I decided to give them a spin-off! The Vollywood series will feature a few NEW couples and their love stories, all set in the glamorous (and not so glamorous) world of movies, tv, music, and more. Ethan and Anda will also appear as Anda continues her work from Royals #11 (I'm being vague here to avoid spoilers, but once you read that book you'll know what I mean).

This series is more likely to come in 2021 because of delays related to the pandemic. I haven't even finished writing the first Vollywood yet (compared to the Brazenbourg duet, where I've already finished first drafts of both books and sent them to my editor, though they'll need quite a lot of work when I get them back). My creative muse is slowly coming back, and I hope to start writing more in this book once I finish editing the Brazenbourg books. I'll provide updates as I know them!


The Seaside Valleria series takes place in Valleria's seaside city of Masillia, and centers around the people at the local pub, the Seashell.

The fifth and final book in the series, Rise, which focuses on Liz and Luke's story, is out now - purchase or read more now! I've got super fun epilogues (yes, plural!) at the end of that book which feature all the characters in the future, as well as a royal or two!

A boxed sets of all the books in the Seaside Valleria series is also available! Get your copy now.


A boxed sets of books 7-9 is available now! FYI - boxed sets of books 1-3, and books 4-6 are also available. A single boxed set of all books published to-date is not currently planned.


Updated July 2020.

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