Here's a list of what I'm working on for this year. Don't see the story you were hoping I'd write? Take a minute to check out my FAQs to see if I mention it for a future book!

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The first Royals audiobook is here! Grab a copy of Alexander & Rebecca's story on Audible or Apple Books. More audiobooks are coming but because audiobooks are expensive to produce, I’ll be waiting a little while before we start book 2. It will take at least a couple years to get through all the Royals audiobooks alone but, if the first few do well, then I’ll be able to produce the rest more quickly. I LOVE the first one, so I’m excited to get the rest done too.

The most recent full-length Royals series release featured Prince Ethan and his love Anda Salamanca. This is a second chance prince and an actress romance and it's available now! Get your copy.

No other full-length Royals books are planned at this time. Carolina will get her own book (maybe in 2021 or 2022), but I'll be finishing up the Brazenbourg Duet and working on the Vollywood series first (see below for more info on those series).

As of now, I’ve written books for all the royal siblings except for Carolina, and I have several couple-centric books I’d like to write too. Since I’ll be publishing Arianna and Finn’s Brazenbourg duet, you will still get a Royals-related fix this year. I’m not sure if I’ll get to other Royals – I want to finish up the first in the Vollywood series and see what I’m feeling like creatively before I decide. Carolina’s story will be hard for me to write (for some personal reasons I’ll share in the future) which is probably why I’ve left her until last, and also why I might do a different Royals book instead, or maybe even another short story instead of a novel.

I’ll post updates throughout the year. For now, you can count on the Brazenbourg duet release in the first few months of 2021.


A spin-off series featuring Finn & Arianna is on the way! This series will be 2 books and the first ends in a BIG cliffhanger, so I'm planning to release them close together so you don't have to wait too long between releases. We're getting close to the end of the editing process, so I'm hoping to release book 1 in February and book 2 in March (though if there are delays, that would move to March/April).


I loved writing Ethan & Anda's story so much that I decided to give them a spin-off! The Vollywood series will feature a few NEW couples and their love stories, all set in the glamorous (and not so glamorous) world of movies, tv, music, and more. Ethan and Anda will also appear as Anda continues her work from Royals #11 (I'm being vague here to avoid spoilers, but once you read that book you'll know what I mean).

I like to have first 2-3 books in a new series finished before I launch it, and I'm hoping to release the first 2 this year, though it might be 2022. I've already started writing the first book, and I'll post updates about my progress.


The Royals books will be published in print first, followed by the Seaside and Brazenbourg series. The goal is to have all of these series in print by the end of 2021!


The Seaside Valleria series takes place in Valleria's seaside city of Masillia, and centers around the people at the local pub, the Seashell.

The fifth and final book in the series, Rise, which focuses on Liz and Luke's story, is out now - purchase or read more now! I've got super fun epilogues (yes, plural!) at the end of that book which feature all the characters in the future, as well as a royal or two!

A boxed sets of all the books in the Seaside Valleria series is also available! Get your copy now.


Boxed sets of books 1-3, books 4-6, and books 7-9 are available. A single boxed set of all books published to-date is not currently planned.


Updated January 2021.

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