Happy Weekend - Week 5

Weekend Plans – Week 5

It’s the weekend! This weekend is a little bit different because I’ve also got Monday half off from the day job (I couldn’t take a whole day unfortunately). Looking at the bright side, that means an extra four hours of time I can devote to my author biz, which is great because I am SO […]

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Lavender Happy Weekend

Weekend Plans – Week 3

What am I working on this weekend? I spoke a little about the editing process in yesterday’s post. (P.S. – if you’re an email subscriber you may get both today and yesterday’s blogs together.) Here’s where I am in the editing process for my current WIPs (works-in-progress): Need-to-do: Royals 10 – My developmental editor returned

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Another Working Weekend

Weekend Plans Diverted

Some folks seemed to really like my post from last week detailing my weekend author plans, so I’ve decided to do it again! But this weekend’s a little different… Going into this weekend, I had several author-y things I wanted to accomplish: Finish editing Seaside Valleria #1. Finish up the marketing pieces for Seaside Valleria

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Weekends Dont Exist, a post by Marianne Knightly

The Truth About Weekends

The truth about weekends is… …that the weekend is a myth. It’s something we’ve lulled ourselves into thinking will be a relaxing few days at the end of the week, when we all know they’re not most of the time. There are family commitments, errands to run, kids to manage if you’ve got some (I

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