Happy Weekend - Week 5

Weekend Plans – Week 5

It’s the weekend!

Happy Weekend - Week 5

This weekend is a little bit different because I’ve also got Monday half off from the day job (I couldn’t take a whole day unfortunately). Looking at the bright side, that means an extra four hours of time I can devote to my author biz, which is great because I am SO behind (according to me).

The main focus of my weekend will be editing and ebook testing. I have perfect storm of sorts brewing, because I have three books in the editing/ebook testing phases and another book I’m trying to finish up so I can send to my editor. I’m going to drop some truth here: this week was awful for me. Day job was incredibly stressful and my health wasn’t the best, so I didn’t get anything done writing/editing/testing-wise. If you’ve caught the blog this week, you’ll know I did finish up some book covers and I did cover reveals for Rush (Seaside Valleria 1) and Ripple (Seaside Valleria 2). I’m so pleased with how they turned out, and that I was able to cross those off my to-do list.

Because I have some unexpected houseguests coming soon, too, I really need to micro-plan out my next two weeks. Though I’ve got some time before they arrive, I want to finish up ALL of the following things on my list so I have time to clean the disaster that is my house right now (whenever I get into a crunch time author-wise, I basically ignore how my house looks – anybody else do that?). So, the things on this list are really my need-to-dos for the next two weeks.

Rush (Seaside Valleria 1). Test the ebook. I haven’t had a chance to do this yet, but I definitely need to start on this over this weekend. Once I’ve made any changes and re-tested, it will be time to get the pre-order up for sale!

Ripple (Seaside Valleria 2). Make the final edits, create the ebook, and test it. Then it will be time to get the pre-order up for this as well!

Seaside Valleria 3. WRITE. I’m not as far into the book as I’d like, so I really need to get some writing done. This draft to my editor needs to be finished in two weeks.

Royals 10. I should get this back from my copyeditor this weekend. Then it will be time to make the final edits, create/test the ebook, and get this up for pre-order, too.

That’s right – I’m hoping to get THREE books finished and up for pre-order in the next two weeks (eep!) and finish up a FOURTH book for my editor. Ambitious goals definitely (especially when I take into account the day job and all the current madness going on there), but I’m using the royal wedding as my incentive – if I finish everything up, then I can relax and watch the royal wedding. I’ve built a few weeks break into my schedule after that, so I won’t be writing a new book in that time (my muse wants a vacation and so do I!) so my author schedule will definitely calm down, if not the rest of my life.

Can I finish it all? You’ll just have tune into the blog and find out.

Anybody else have a crazy weekend or few weeks coming up? How do you handle stressful times? Comment on this post and let me know!

~xoxo Marianne

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