Weekend Progress Week 3

Weekend Progress – Week 3

So, how’d I do this weekend?

Weekend Progress Week 3

I had a VERY productive two days. I never get as much done as I’d like to (my to-do lists are too ambitious sometimes!) but I got quite a lot done.

I finished edits on Royals 10 and sent it to my copyeditor, and started on the cover (it’s almost done).

I finished edits on Seaside Valleria 1 (yay!). Next up is final read-throughs and ebook testing.

I didn’t get started on edits for Seaside Valleria 2, but I did start the cover for that book and it’s nearly done, I think.

I also got some writing done on Seaside Valleria 3 (3000 words total over the weekend). I’d hoped to do more, but I’m very happy with that progress. I’ve got about 3-4 weeks to finish it up before it goes to my developmental editor, so I’m going to have to push myself each day to write a little.

So, I got all my need-to-do tasks done and even some of my like-to-dos and my other tasks. Whew! Here’s hoping I can keep the pace up.

Someone asked me why I was pushing myself so much right now to get so much done. Well, here’s a blog-subscriber exclusive: I’m hoping to release TWO books in May! This would be the next Royals book and Seaside Valleria 1! Let’s see if everything comes together to make it happen…

How was your weekend? Comment on this post and let me know!

~xoxo Marianne

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