Lavender Happy Weekend

Weekend Plans – Week 3

What am I working on this weekend?

Lavender Happy Weekend

I spoke a little about the editing process in yesterday’s post. (P.S. – if you’re an email subscriber you may get both today and yesterday’s blogs together.) Here’s where I am in the editing process for my current WIPs (works-in-progress):


  • Royals 10 – My developmental editor returned this to me last week. I managed to work on this after my day job this week, which means I’ve gone through and addressed the comments she made. I just need to go over it once more before I send it off to my copyeditor on Sunday. Goal: Get it ready and send to my copyeditor!
  • Seaside Valleria 1 – My copyeditor returned this to me, and I also managed to go through most of the comments this week after work! The next phase for me is go back through the MS (or manuscript) and double check it for consistency issues. Because I write series, I want to make sure that little details – like nicknames or place names, etc. – stay consistent throughout the books in the series. Because the Seaside Valleria series is a spin-off of my Royals series, this is a little bit more difficult because I’ll be checking consistency against my Royals series as well as details I’ve put in my Seaside series. Goal: Finish going through the MS for consistency! The next step after this is is eBook creation, which I hope to do next week, but this needs to be finished first.
  • Seaside Valleria 3 – Write the book! I need to make some serious progress on this over the weekend. Here’s hoping my muse agrees with me!


  • Seaside Valleria 2 – My copyeditor returned this to me as well, so now I need to start going through and addressing her comments and edits. I actually don’t know if I’ll be able to start on this in the next couple days, but I’m not planning to release this book before June, so I’ve got some time.
  • Covers – With the book cover for Seaside Valleria 1 pretty much done, it’s now time to work on covers for Royals 10 and Seaside Valleria 2. I like book covers to stay consistent/similar throughout a series, which makes it easier to develop the cover for Book #2 than it is for Book #1. I’m putting this as a like-to-do because I’d like to get started on it, but it’s not a priority this weekend.

Other tasks:

  • Family stuff. There’s a family wedding this weekend. We know the groom as they’re related to someone who’s related to someone who’s related to us by marriage (make sense?). I am going for two main reasons: 1) I’ll get to see my nieces, and 2) The food (obviously).
  • XFinity Watch-a-thon week is coming to an end, which means I need to do some heavy binge watching this weekend. Anyone else taking advantage of free Starz (Hello, Outlander and Howard’s End!), HBO, etc.?
  • Other admin-y type stuff

So what are your plans for the weekend? Comment on this post and let me know!

~xoxo Marianne

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