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Welcome back to the blog! I never thought it would take me 6 months (!) to redo the website, then need to redo it again, but here we are. I’m SO pleased with how it’s turned out. The blog has officially migrated over to my main site (along with the Royal Family Tree and other Vallerian & reader goodies), so now everything’s in one place to make it easier to find what you need. Want to check out the full website? Just click here!

There’s also two bits of book news I want to share with you: a new release and a book sale!

New Release! Rise (Liz & Luke) (Seaside Valleria #5)

The first bit of book news is that the fifth and final book in the Seaside Valleria series, Rise, Liz & Luke’s story, is out now!


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Rise (Liz & Luke) (Seaside Valleria 5) by Marianne Knightly

Liz has a secret. No, it’s not her cheating ex who won’t leave her alone (everyone knows about him). No, it’s not her crazy mother acting crazier (which everyone, especially her identical twin, knows about). Her secret is about Luke. No, it’s not the fact they’ve been sleeping together (though that is a secret, sort of). Her secret is that she might be in love with him. But, after everything she went through with her ex, she’s done with love.

Luke has other plans. He’s watched over Liz for years while she was with a man that didn’t deserve her. Now, he’ll prove to her that they do belong together, even while a woman from his own past reenters his life, challenging his and Liz’s love. Between dueling exes, frustrating family, and the wedding of the year, can they find their way towards a future together? Come for one last visit to the seaside to find out…

*Includes multiple epilogues featuring characters from the series (and some Vallerian royals) in the future!

Note: This book contains content that may be considered triggers.

I can’t believe the series is finally over, but I wrote multiple fun epilogues at the end that show the characters in the future (including a royal or two!) and I hope you love reading them as much as I loved writing them. I can never really say goodbye to my characters, so you’ll probably see them (and the Seashell) again at some point in the future.

Limited Time Sale – 0.99! Rush (Hector & Millie) (Seaside Valleria #1)

The second bit of book news is that the first book in the Seaside Valleria series, Rush, Hector & Millie’s story, is on sale for 0.99! This is a limited time sale on select sites and countries (US, UK, CA, AU). This is the first time this book has ever been on sale, so grab it now before the sale ends in a few days.


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Rush (Hector & Millie) (Seaside Valleria 1) by Marianne Knightly

She feels she doesn’t deserve him…

He feels he doesn’t deserve her…

What happens when they finally discover they’re both wrong?

Millie could do this. Easy. No problem. So what if her former Hot Man Customer was now her current Hot Man Boss? So what if he also wanted to date her? With her terrible family and the burdens she carries, no way will Hector stay with her long term. He deserves someone better than her.

Hector liked his Millie—his Amelia—since nearly the first moment they met. So what if she’s shy? He’ll wait for her. So what if her evil half-brother is making a repeat appearance? He’ll protect her. He’d never thought he’d be successful—not running a pub or being in a relationship—after losing his legs in the army. It’s been years and he’s still recovering, but he’s learned to live with his demons. He’ll work hard to make his pub and his relationship with Amelia a success, even if some days he doesn’t believe he deserves it.

When Amelia’s circumstances take a dangerous turn, Hector will do whatever it takes to help her, whether or not she wants it. Can they both overcome their fears and histories for a future together? A slow burn romance about loving and believing in yourself, as much you do the one you love.

Note: This book contains content that may be considered triggers.

Happy reading!

~xoxo Marianne

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