Rise (Liz & Luke) (Seaside Valleria #5)

Rise (Liz & Luke) (Seaside Valleria #5)
Series: Seaside Valleria, Book 5

The final book in the Seaside Valleria series is available now!

*Includes multiple epilogues featuring characters from the series (and some Vallerian royals) in the future!

"A beautiful read especially with all the epilogue[s] at the end...So sad the series is ending but what a way to end it." - Goodreads Reviewer Terri

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Tell me how to please you
Let me brush your hair

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About the Book

Liz has a secret. No, it’s not her cheating ex who won’t leave her alone (everyone knows about him). No, it’s not her crazy mother acting crazier (which everyone, especially her identical twin, knows about). Her secret is about Luke.

No, it’s not the fact they’ve been sleeping together (though that is a secret, sort of). Her secret is that she might be in love with him. But, after everything she went through with her ex, she’s done with love.

Luke has other plans. He’s watched over Liz for years while she was with a man that didn’t deserve her. Now, he’ll prove to her that they do belong together, even while a woman from his own past reenters his life, challenging his and Liz’s love.

Between dueling exes, frustrating family, and the wedding of the year, can they find their way towards a future together?

Come for one last visit to the seaside to find out…

Note: This book contains content that may be considered triggers.

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