Gabriel and Genevieve's Family Trees (Marianne Knightly's Valleria)

Family Tree: Queen Genevieve

You asked for it, you got it: the next family tree is up for viewing on the website! This family tree features Queen Genevieve’s family. It may seem small in comparison to the royal one – and it is! Nine children do make for a hefty family tree, after all. *smile*

Click here to view it on the site, and scroll towards the bottom of the page. I’ll be keeping the one with the royal siblings on top, as that one is most requested, and inserting additional ones underneath.

King Gabriel’s family tree will be posted (hopefully) in November. Next month, I’ll also have more information about Royals 8 (Lorenzo & Lily’s story) including pre-order info, and a BIG announcement about what I’m working on next.

What do you think of the latest family tree? Let me know in the comments.

Thanks for visiting Valleria!

2 thoughts on “Family Tree: Queen Genevieve”

  1. I can’t wait for more news on Royals 8 !! The new family tree sounds exciting ! Hope it will be easy on my wallet as it sounds like the next two families are going to be big! I love the Royals 8 ! Thank you for the enjoyment your books brought to me.God Bless You!

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