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Hello, everyone!

I’m so pleased to announce that Lorenzo & Lily (Royals of Valleria #8) is available for pre-order now, and will release NEXT WEEK on December 16th! I’ve also got a special end-of-the-year giveaway, so read how to enter below.

Lorenzo & Lily (Royals of Valleria #8)

Prince Lorenzo knows duty. He almost died for it on a battlefield. When he returned, battered and broken, he fell in love during his recovery. He never told anyone about her; she was his secret, his salvation, his reward.She was the love of his life.

Yet, she left him with no warning, and guarding secrets of her own.

Years later, he sees her again. She’s back, and this time she’s not alone.

She has a four-year-old child – his child! – and he’s decided he’s never letting go, of either of them. They’ll make a new life together in Valleria’s seaside town of Masillia, where he runs a recovery centre for returning soldiers and Valleria’s main seaport, along with his royal duties.

Cecilia “Lily” Brionne is a survivor. Forced apart from Lorenzo, then forced to keep their child a secret from him, she was also tossed aside by her Italian high-society family when she refused to reveal the identity of her child’s father.

She’s survived pain, loneliness, and poverty to provide for their child. Now that Lorenzo’s back in her life – and determined to be a family – she’ll have to work harder to hide the truth of their break up.

That secret, if revealed, could tear the royal family apart.

It could also tear her and Lorenzo apart again.

This time, for good.

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*Available for Nook on release day.*


To celebrate 1000 (!) likes on my Facebook page, as well as the end of another great year, I’m giving away a Keep Collective bracelet filled with charms (a $64 value)! It’s open through the end of the year, and the winner will be announced in January on my website and my monthly author newsletter.

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Thanks for a wonderful 2016!

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