Royals of Valleria

Welcome to Valleria, a country as old as the fall of the Roman Empire. The current king and patriarch rules with his beloved queen. Nine children, now grown, ranging from the eldest twins to the youngest son, watch over the country they love and care for. Bound by honor, duty, and each other, follow their lives as they fall in love, face tragedies, and triumph against the evils facing them.


Book 1: Alexander & Rebecca – ebook currently FREE in my store!
Book 2: Marcello & Grace
Book 3: Arianna & Finn
Book 4: Charlotte & Nate
Book 5: A Royal Holiday (Novella)
Book 6: Catharine & Edward
Book 7: Royally Ever After
Book 8: Lorenzo & Lily
Book 9: Sarah & Vittorio
Book 10: Permanently Princess (Novella)
Book 11: Ethan & Anda

Royals Boxed Sets:
Books 1-3
Books 4-6
Books 7-9

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Alexander & Rebecca (Royals of Valleria #1)
Marcello & Grace (Royals of Valleria #2)
Arianna & Finn (Royals of Valleria #3)
Charlotte & Nate (Royals of Valleria #4)
A Royal Holiday (Royals of Valleria #5)
Catharine & Edward (Royals of Valleria #6)
Royally Ever After (Royals of Valleria #7)
Lorenzo & Lily (Royals of Valleria #8)
Sarah & Vittorio (Royals of Valleria #9)
Permanently Princess (Royals of Valleria #10)
Ethan & Anda (Royals of Valleria #11)
Crowned (Royals of Valleria #12)
Royals of Valleria Box Set (Books 1-3)
Royals of Valleria Box Set (Books 4-6)
Royals of Valleria Box Set (Books 7-9)