Marcello & Grace (Royals of Valleria #2)

Marcello & Grace (Royals of Valleria #2)
Series: Royals of Valleria, Book 2

A widow with a tragic past, who never thought she'd love again.
A prince protecting his country, torn from the woman he loves for a dangerous mission.

“I'm totally hooked on your books and I absolutely love them. Extremely well written and sucks you in from the very beginning. I can't wait to get paid so I can buy more of your books.” – Amazon Reviewer Alicia

“Grace's story was just so moving. I felt her pain as if it were my own. And [Marcello] is the sweetest hero I've ever read. He was just so caring and patient.” – Goodreads Reviewer Krystle

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About the Book

When fate made Lady Grace a widow, after years of a disastrous, abusive marriage, she felt a sense of relief and escape. Now, a year after her husband’s death, she’s just beginning to feel like her old self again, though she still carries the scars, both visible and hidden, of her past. Having been separated from friends and family for too long, she’s only too happy to see her old friend, Princess Catharine, on a visit to England. What she didn’t expect was a visit from her brother, Prince Marcello. When she begins to feel the first stirrings of love within her, can she overcome the horrors of her past to make a future with him?

Prince Marcello, head of Valleria’s national security and defense, is still dealing with the fallout from security breaches under his watch. After long days and nights of political maneuvering in London to reclaim Valleria’s and his reputation, he takes a needed break by joining his sister on a visit to her friend, Lady Grace. What he thought would be a relaxing week becomes anything but when he begins to fall in love with her.

In the midst of blooming love, Marcello is asked to lead a secret, dangerous mission to thwart an international threat. Marcello knows he must go, both for his country’s honor and for his own. Will he survive? And, if he does, will Grace be waiting for him upon his return?

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