Happy Monday Beautiful

Happy Monday, Beautiful

First, a quick pick-me up because it’s Monday and I’m pretty sure some of you might like it (I know I do!):

Happy Monday Beautiful

So, how many of my many author tasks did I finish this weekend? Here’s a recap:

Seaside Valleria 1 – I needed to review my copyeditor’s comments, which I did start doing. I didn’t finish (no where near it) but progress is success! I also needed to finish up the cover for this book and I think I’ve got it! I’m just going to let the cover sit with me for a few days and then I’ll come back to it. Giving my mind a few days of rest in the middle of creative projects really helps to give perspective (at least for me). I might notice something off about the cover in a few days that I wouldn’t have noticed today because I’ve spent so much time on it. So, overall, I’m happy with the progress on this task (though it took more than the few hours I’d anticipated).

Seaside Valleria 3 – I made my goal of writing 2000 words for the weekend! Whew. After feeling down about my progress on Saturday, I’m glad I was able to keep moving. The book is no where near done, but I wrote parts of some fun scenes.

Those were my big ‘need-to-dos’. I did get a lot of personal admin done, but the rest (marketing and thinking about book trailers) just didn’t happen and I’m okay with that. Life is all about shifting priorities to meet your needs, not shifting your needs out of the way to meet specific priorities. I ended up having a tough weekend emotionally (hello, family drama!) so I needed to take some time for myself this weekend, too.

How about you? Were you able to get everything done that you had planned to? Did you do anything fun this weekend? Comment below and let me know!

~xoxo Marianne

This is Post 7 of 100 as part of the #100DaysofMKAuthorLife.

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