Royal Family Tree!

Welcome to the new blog!

This first post will feature one of the most asked questions I get:

Is there a royal family tree I can view?

The answer is finally YES!

I’ve setup a separate section on my site for the Royal Family Tree, and I’ve started by posting the most current one. This family tree features King Gabriel’s and Queen Genevieve’s children (all the royals I’m currently writing about) and their order of birth.

Eventually, I’ll post extensive family trees as well. That means you’ll get to see Gabriel and Genevieve’s respective family trees (readers got a glimpse of them in Royally Ever After), and I’ll post a family tree for the Brazenbourg royal line (so you’ll see Finn’s family as well). Note (and spoiler alert!): Arianna & Finn’s baby will feature on the Brazenbourg family tree (and eventually the Vallerian Royal Family Tree). I wanted to give new readers time to catch up on the series before I posted the baby’s details online.

If you’re ready, head on over and check out the Royal Family Tree!

Thanks for discovering more of Valleria in my new blog!

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