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Here’s a list of what I’m working on for 2018. Don’t see the story you were hoping I’d write? Take a minute to check out my FAQs to see if I mention it for a future book!

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Royals of Valleria Boxed Sets

A boxed sets of books 7-9 is available now! FYI – boxed sets of books 1-3, and books 4-6 are also available.

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Royals of Valleria #9 

Royals #9 featuring Princess Sarah is available now!

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The Seaside Valleria Series is Coming!

I loved writing about Hector so much (Lorenzo’s friend, who was introduced in Lorenzo & Lily’s story), that I decided to give him a spin-off series! The Seaside Valleria series will take place in Valleria’s seaside city of Masillia, and center around the people at Hector’s pub, the Seashell. Hector’s story will be the first book in the series (you got a hint of it at the end of Lorenzo’s story!). At this time, this is planned as a five-book series. I am so, so excited to bring this series to you, and I hope you’ll come spend some time with me by the seaside!


Royals of Valleria #10

I’ve already started work on the next Royals book! Here’s the sneak peek I gave on my blog a while back:

One royal baby (at least).
Two royal weddings (sort of).
Three royal secrets revealed (definitely).

This book will feature updates on all the royal couples, but it will focus on one royal couple dealing with a life-changing event. I’m hoping for a summer release.



Go Behind the Scenes of My Author Life!

I’ve decided to participate in the #the100DayProject! This project encourages people to do something every day for 100 days. Typically, this is something creative (crafting, knitting, drawing, even writing or other forms of art and creation). For my project, I’ve decided to do something a little bit different and give you a sneak peek at my author life through posts on my blog.

I hope by sharing parts of my life with you – the good, the bad, and the hopefully not too ugly – that you’ll gain a better understanding of my author life. I’ll be using #100DaysofMKAuthorLife so you can track my posts at my blog and across social media.

The fun starts on April 3rd! Want to follow me on my journey? I’ll be posting these ONLY on the Royal Blog (which is hosted on my sister site), not through my main author newsletter. If you’d like to sign-up or update your subscription, you can do so here.


Print Books are Coming! 

It’s a goal of mine to finally publish my books in print! Currently, only the Royals of Valleria series and the upcoming Seaside Valleria series are expected to be available in print. Look for an update sometime in 2018.


Updated Royal Family Tree!

Those in know are aware of my blog and sister site, On that site you can view a ROYAL FAMILY TREE – you can even download a copy to keep with you as you read the books! I’ve updated the tree to now include Sarah’s love, Prince Vittorio “Rio” Baziano, so head over and take a look.

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Help Decide the Royal Honeymoon

Alex & Rebecca’s wedding was featured in Royally Ever After. Unfortunately (Spoiler Alert!) their honeymoon was delayed. Alex and Rebecca will get their own honeymoon story at some point in the future (maybe a short story or novella, I haven’t decided yet). If you want to help decide where they might go, head over to Alex’s Honeymoon Possibilities board on my Pinterest page. The pins that are liked, saved, or repinned the most might end up in a future story!


Updated March 2018.

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