Ravage (Beth & Everett) (Seaside Valleria #4)

About the Book

He’s never needed someone…until her…

Everett wants her. In bed. On the stairs. Against the fridge.

He wants the inexplicable connection they have to deepen and grow.

Beyond the bed, he wants to soothe her aches and comfort her, defend her against the evils of the world.

But his own world is crumbling around him, and he needs her, too.

Needs her kindness and warmth, her strength and comfort.

They nearly made it, they almost had everything.

Until one misunderstanding derailed it all.


She’s never been needed…until him…

Beth’s never been the long-term lover and not by her choice—by theirs.

She’s the quick fix and the one-night stand, the one they use and leave.

As the curvier version of her identical twin, Beth has always been compared to her—and never favorably.

Throw in the rough way she grew up, her cruel mother and never-ending family drama, and no one’s wanted Beth to stick around.

Until Everett.

What they had was beautiful and intoxicating and dizzying, and warm and lovely and safe.

But it won’t last…not now…not after everything fell apart.

Can they ever find a way back to each other?


This book contains content suitable for mature audiences only. This is a standalone book in the series, with no cliffhanger. However, you may prefer to read the other book in the series first.

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