Bastard (Brazenbourg #1)

Bastard (Brazenbourg #1)
Series: Brazenbourg, Book 1

How far will Finn go to protect the people and country he loves? Come visit Brazenbourg to find out.

“…when I found out this book was coming up couldn't wait to read it. Was definitely not disappointed…All in all a great book. I knew there would be a cliffhanger but was not expecting it to be what it was.” – Amazon Reviewer Courtney

“Warning of the cliffhanger had me prepared for the next book in the series but it did not prepare me for just how exciting the cliffhanger ending would be. If you enjoy great suspense stories, you will enjoy Ms. Knightly's Brazenbourg series.” – Amazon Reviewer Em

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About the Book

Finn was the second son who was never meant to become the crown prince. He was the lesser brother, the useless spare, even the rumoured bastard—at least according to his elder brother Henry, who destroyed everything, including himself, and Finn rose to the throne. Now, the memory of Henry still hangs heavy in the air, and his supporters linger in the shadows waiting to strike. It’s time for Finn to fight back.

For his people.

For the future of his country.

For his wife and daughter.

For himself.

Yet, there are some who will fight dirty, fight with such cold, calculated viciousness, that the end is something no one saw coming.

How far will Finn go to protect the people and country he loves? Come visit Brazenbourg to find out.

This novel features royal families that love one another (even while they annoy or fight with each other), elements of suspense and politics, and a look behind fictional palace walls.

Note: This series is a duet, and this first book ends in a cliffhanger! This book also features sexy scenes and swearing. Emotional trigger warning: pregnancy.

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