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Will I Publish in December?

Hello, Vallerians!

The hectic end to the year is fast approaching and I wanted to let you know about some changes to my publishing schedule. The big news is this – I will not be publishing another book this year. I’m finalizing Seaside Valleria 3 now (Frannie’s story), but it won’t be ready for release by year-end. I will be publishing it in January and I will have pre-order links coming in a few weeks, so stay tuned for that.

I certainly didn’t imagine that the year would end this way, but life has a funny way of forcing your focus where it wants. In the past few months, my life has been an emotional roller coaster – my father had a medical emergency in August which he’s still recovering from, and I’ve been traveling back and forth to manage that along with the day job, the writing job, and also moving to a new place in the midst of that.

I’ve said before on the blog that I always prioritize health and family first. So, if you know that about me, you’ll know delaying the book to focus on family isn’t a surprise move on my part. It may be a disappointing one (it is for me, too!) but not a surprise. I hope all of you, my wonderful readers, understand and don’t mind the delay.

I’ll have more on my 2019 publishing schedule in a post next month. Until then, I hope all of you have a great end to the year (whether or not you’re celebrating anything) and enjoy some rest.

~xoxo Marianne

4 thoughts on “Will I Publish in December?”

  1. Hi Marianne, What are the names of the Seaside Valleria Series? I don’t think I realized that you had started another series n you’re talking about publishing the 3rd or 4th book.

    1. Hi, Sharon! Yes, I have another series set in Valleria called the Seaside Valleria series! If you’ve read Lorenzo’s story in the Royals series (Royals #8) then you’ve met Lorenzo’s army buddy, Hector. I loved Hector’s character so much that I decided to give him a spin-off series, so the Seaside Valleria series is set around Hector and his pub, the Seashell. The first book in the series is Hector’s story (Rush, Hector & Millie) and the second is Ripple (Persy & Sully’s story). At this time, it will only be a five-book series (I’ll have more on the others soon). Thanks for reading! ~Marianne

  2. Hi Marianne
    Hope all is now well with your dad and family. Yes, family comes first before anything else as they are not replaceable.

    Merry Christmas and a safe New Year to you and your family and looking forward to reading the next adventures of your series in Valleria in the coming year of 2019.


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