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Personal Post: Royal (and Life) Update

Dear Readers:

I want to wish everyone a safe and happy holiday season season, and a fabulous new year. Whether or not you celebrate a holiday this month, I hope everyone has a lovely December and takes a few moments to reflect on the year.

For me, this year has been a roller coaster, to say the least. I’ve had some health issues this year, as have some members of my family, which were compounded by other life issues over the last couple months. While my health (and my family members’) is recovering (good news!), I needed to reevaluate how much I should push myself this year. While the next Royals book (Sarah’s story!) has been written and is in the editing phases, I’m sorry to say it won’t be ready for publishing this year. In the end, I decided I would rather give you all a book worth reading, instead of one full of errors and flaws that I rushed to publish before the end of the year. It was a really tough decision for me to make and I hope you understand.

You’ve all have stuck with me through this year, and I hope to see you back in 2018. As a thank you for your support this year, I wanted to give you some exclusive info. I’ve already started on the next Royals book (#10!). This book will feature updates on all the royal couples, but it will focus on one royal couple dealing with a life-changing event. I can guarantee the news of one royal baby in this book (yay!), two royal weddings (sort of…), and three royal secrets revealed (gasp!).

In addition to the Royals books next year, there should be the long-awaited launch of my spin-off Seaside Valleria series. Like Sarah’s story, the first two in the series are written and in various editing phases, so they will hopefully be released next year with a couple more if I can swing it. This series will launch with Hector’s story (you got a sneak peek of this story and his love Millie/Amelia near the end of Lorenzo’s story). I don’t usually like to pick favorites with my characters, but Millie is definitely one of my favorites. I can’t wait to share her with you next year. Here’s some never-before-released news about this series – right now, I’m planning for this to be a five-book series. I’ll reveal who else will get their own books after the first is released and you’ve met all the characters.

Print books have been pushed back to next year, too. When they’re launched, however, you can plan see some giveaways for signed copies. There will be giveaways posted in tons of places – through this blog, my e-newsletter, Facebook, and more – so you’ll have lots of chances to win.

I hope every one of you realizes how much your support has meant to me this year. During some very dark and painful days, I was able to get through because I knew you’d be there for me, whenever my next book came out. I’m pursuing my dream of becoming a full-time writer because of you! You are helping me achieve my dream, each and every day, and I’ll never be able to thank you enough for it.

I’ll be sending out an accompanying newsletter to this blog shortly after you receive this, with some fun links to real-life royal news, so if you haven’t subscribed you can do so here (note: you can manage your subscription for my blog and newsletter together).

Best wishes to all of you and your families for a happy, healthy, and safe 2018.




9 thoughts on “Personal Post: Royal (and Life) Update”

  1. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2018!!! Hope you and your family do well and a good recovery….can’t wait for the next royals books and seaside series.

  2. Hi Marianne
    I would like to wish both you and your family a safe and Merry Christmas and my get well wishes to all. And a Happy 2018.

    Love reading your books on Royals of Valeria and look forward to reading the next instalments.

  3. I found your books by accident and I have to say I am in love with the series… I love Rebecca and Alex’a Story the most and would like to know if there’s a continuation to their story with regards to pregnancy and kids and what it means to have them have kids to continue the line of succession when Alex becomes king eventually… I feel like they did have a happy ending like most, but they need to have kids to make it a better happier ending …. hope that storyline is in the works as well as a kid for Marcello and grace

    1. Hi, Marie – I’m not sure when (or even if) Alex and Rebecca or Marcello and Grace will have kids. I’ll be writing more Royals books in the future though so I hope you’ll stay tuned either way. Thanks for reading! ~Marianne

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