Didn't Finish That Project

Weekend Progress

So, how did the weekend go? I didn’t get as much done as I wanted to, but then again I always set the bar really high with my task lists. I think I’m going to work on setting ‘achievable’ tasks lists this year. Starting in a few weeks. Probably. I did get some editing on

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Another Working Weekend

Weekend Plans Diverted

Some folks seemed to really like my post from last week detailing my weekend author plans, so I’ve decided to do it again! But this weekend’s a little different… Going into this weekend, I had several author-y things I wanted to accomplish: Finish editing Seaside Valleria #1. Finish up the marketing pieces for Seaside Valleria

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The Struggle Is Real

Whew. This week is finally coming to an end and I cannot wait. Let me tell you why I was struggling this week, and how I forced myself to refocus my energy. Day job is crazy right now. Lots of projects due in the same couple weeks, emotions are high, and stress is stretching everyone’s

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Happy Humpday

How Hot Do You Like It?

No, I’m not talking food here. I’m asking how hot (or sexy) do you like your romance novels to be. (Also – here’s a pic to wish you a Happy Humpday, er, I meant Happy Wednesday! We’re halfway through the week. Yay us!) Some people have asked me why I chose the heat level I use

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Happy Monday Beautiful

Happy Monday, Beautiful

First, a quick pick-me up because it’s Monday and I’m pretty sure some of you might like it (I know I do!): So, how many of my many author tasks did I finish this weekend? Here’s a recap: Seaside Valleria 1 – I needed to review my copyeditor’s comments, which I did start doing. I

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Perfect or Progress, a post by Marianne Knightly

Progress Not Perfection

Which is better? Progress or perfection? We can all guess the answer, right? Well, my brain was having issues with that Saturday. I have been afraid to fail in the past (one of the reasons I waited so long before I started writing), and I would often use perfection as an excuse. Writing, then revising,

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Weekends Dont Exist, a post by Marianne Knightly

The Truth About Weekends

The truth about weekends is… …that the weekend is a myth. It’s something we’ve lulled ourselves into thinking will be a relaxing few days at the end of the week, when we all know they’re not most of the time. There are family commitments, errands to run, kids to manage if you’ve got some (I

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