Hello Beautiful Day

Hello Beautiful Day

Time for W-Inspiration Wednesday… We’re nearly halfway through the week! I’ve got some fun posts coming up as I wrap up this 100 Days series, and once I get through today I’ll have more time to work on them. Let’s get through today and make it to the other side. ~xoxo Marianne This is Post 79 […]

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Happy Dance Time!

Why am I celebrating today? Because I’ve just finished – and I mean FINISHED – the first two books in the Seaside Valleria series, Rush and Ripple! Whoo hoo! The pre-orders aren’t up yet, but they should be in the next several days. I’ll do a post when they are. So when are they releasing?

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Emerson Quote

I’m An Author

Today, I’m stating the obvious… I’m an author. I think about author-related stuff several times over the course of a day. Sometimes it’s about the menial tasks any business owner needs to do (because being an author is a business) like accounting and other admin. Other times, it’s about the stories swirling in my head.

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The Habits of Motivation

The habits of motivation… I’ve talked a little in various posts about how I’m trying to change different things in my life, and different habits. I’ve seen such a change in my life just by implementing SMALL changes here and there. Someone asked me which books or resources I used to help me with that.

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Rest and Be Thankful

It’s Okay to Relax

Relaxing? What’s that? My weekend was day job filled. I actually went to a conference where thousands of people were, which resulted in me getting sick. Instead of pushing through and still trying to work (whether on the day job or the author stuff), I decided to take a day and rest. I so rarely

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Make Today Ridiculously Amazing

Today Is a Good Day

Today’s starting off on a good note… I am SO excited because Seaside Valleria 3 is off to my editor! Whew! This is off to my developmental editor, which could take a month or more, so I’m not expecting to work on it again July (I’m hoping for an August release if everything goes well).

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Thank You


Time for another Winspiration Wednesday… Today I’m inspired by YOU! Yes, you, you lovely readers! You made the release day for Permanently Princess such a great one! I’m so thankful for each and every one of you. Without you, I wouldn’t be able to pursue my dream, and each purchase you make of my books,

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Nothing is Impossible

Nothing is Impossible

#MondayMotivation… I’m pushing hard to finish up Seaside Valleria 3 today. I pulled a late-nighter yesterday, and might need to do one today as well. So many words I want to write and I just can’t get them on the page fast enough (#writerproblems). Hope everyone has an amazing Monday! ~xoxo Marianne This is Post

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