Rush (Hector & Millie) (Seaside Valleria #1)

“I’m messed up,” she confessed. He’d probably figured that out, but she needed to say it.

“I know, baby,” he said softly. “That doesn’t turn me away. It only makes me want to hold you closer.”


“Totally awesome…I love the characters. I love the setting. I love Valleria. I wish I could visit with the characters and the place for real. I own every book this author has. I love reading and rereading them all the time.” – Amazon Reviewer Teri

“Beautiful. A Mexican Hero. Sexy...And a real woman, not perfect not unrealistic beauty. Slow but SAFE.” – Goodreads Reviewer Karen

“I loved how the story evolves from desperation to inspiration...” – Amazon Reviewer Joaneegee

“This book had almost 400 pages and I ATE IT FOR LUNCH. Also, I loved it. I just, can I hold Hector and Amelia now, please?” – Goodreads Reviewer Tanja

She feels she doesn’t deserve him…
He feels he doesn’t deserve her…
What happens when they finally discover they’re both wrong?

Millie could do this. Easy. No problem. So what if her former Hot Man Customer was now her current Hot Man Boss? So what if he also wanted to date her? With her terrible family and the burdens she carries, no way will Hector stay with her long term. He deserves someone better than her.

Hector liked his Millie—his Amelia—since nearly the first moment they met. So what if she’s shy? He’ll wait for her. So what if her evil half-brother is making a repeat appearance? He’ll protect her. He’d never thought he’d be successful—not running a pub or being in a relationship—after losing his legs in the army. It’s been years and he’s still recovering, but he’s learned to live with his demons. He’ll work hard to make his pub and his relationship with Amelia a success, even if some days he doesn’t believe he deserves it.

When Amelia’s circumstances take a dangerous turn, Hector will do whatever it takes to help her, whether or not she wants it. Can they both overcome their fears and histories for a future together?

A slow burn romance about loving and believing in yourself, as much you do the one you love.

*Please note: This book contains sensitive content that may be considered triggers. 

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