Read on Radish!

radish-r-logoThere's a new way to read my books - on the Radish romance reading app! If you haven't heard of Radish before, it's a great, fun way to read romance in bite-sized episodes.

I'm slowly loading the Royals on there, and Alex & Rebecca's story (Royals #1) is totally free (it's labeled as Season 1), Marcello & Grace's story (Royals #2) is labeled as Season 2, and Arianna & Finn's story (Royals #3) is labeled as Season 3! The Brazenbourg series is also completely uploaded.

Different authors have their books (aka stories) set up in different ways but, in general, you'll be able to read stories for free by waiting for episodes to get unlocked, or using ‘coins’. Some episodes will require coins (it's a setting I can't change) but you can earn or win coins for free in various ways in the app.

Click the links below to find the Royals series and the Brazenbourg series (and don't forget to bookmark the series and click the notification button). More books will be added in the future!