Catharine & Edward (Royals of Valleria #6)

A princess holding the fate of the monarchy in her hands.
A bodyguard challenging her royal duty for love.

“This book has my all my fav trope. I loved, loved it.” – Goodreads Reviewer Krystle

“Love and Loyalty…I am completely entranced and involved with this family. I love learning about each of them, how the books work together. I can’t wait to read the next.” – Amazon Reviewer Deb

“I love how the books show what can happen being royalty. I love that the author shows that royalty can have drama in their lives like every normal person but theirs might have more than that everyone has seen.” – Goodreads Reviewer Laura

“Great Addition to Royals of Valleria!...Loved this story! I have loved all of Marianne Knightly's books in the Royals of Valleria! She can't write them fast enough for me to read. I love royalty and suspense, love and family! You can't go wrong with this book or series!” – Amazon Reviewer Julie

A princess faking a romance to fool her parents.
Princess Catharine, second in line to Valleria’s throne after her elder twin brother, has been issued a queen’s edict: become engaged by the time of her elder brother’s wedding, or else they’ll choose someone for her. Cat selects Philip, a perfect pawn to fake a romance for her parents. Or, he would be perfect, if she wasn’t falling for her bodyguard and Royal Protection agent, Edward ‘Bash’ Bashiera.

A bodyguard challenging her royal duty for love.
Eddie’s venerable veneer hides a man devoted to his family and a past he’d rather forget. He’s always kept things professional, until his princess is the one caught in the crossfire. Once she’s in his arms, it’s hard for him to let go.

The future of the monarchy is in her hands.
When circumstances change, and suddenly Catharine must ensure the family legacy, can she put aside a growing love for duty? And, when a terrible deception comes to light, will Edward be able to protect Cat when she needs it most?

This novel features a love between a bodyguard and his princess, families that love one another (even while they annoy each other), and a look behind fictional palace walls.

This is a standalone book in the series with no cliffhanger, and features sexy scenes and swearing. Emotional trigger warning: pregnancy issues, and discussion of potential assault.