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You Are Not Alone

This is the most personal post I’ve written. I am putting a trigger warning on this post, so please consider that before reading.* I debated posting this. I always want to create a positive experience for my readers (whether that’s readers of the blog or my books), and this is a very heavy subject. But, […]

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Hate vs. Love

It’s turning out to be one of those weeks… There are forces in my life that tell me I’m constantly not good enough. That I need to change parts of me to fit whatever idealized version they have for my life. Sometimes it’s a physical change, sometimes it’s something else about my life they hate

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The Habits of Motivation

The habits of motivation… I’ve talked a little in various posts about how I’m trying to change different things in my life, and different habits. I’ve seen such a change in my life just by implementing SMALL changes here and there. Someone asked me which books or resources I used to help me with that.

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What Do I Do Next

What Do I Do Next?

I’ve mentioned the editing process, but what do I do after I finish a book? Usually when I’m finishing up a book, I tend to ignore quite a lot around me or put off doing things until I’m finished. That focus helps motivate me to finish faster, because some of those things might be time-sensitive.

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What Inspires Me Makes Me Awesome

W-Inspiration Wednesday

I’ve decided to start a theme for posts going out on Wednesdays during my #100DaysofMKAuthorLife series – Wednesday Inspiration (or W-Inspiration or Inspiration for the Win)! Why did I decide to do this? I think inspiration can be found everywhere, so I wanted to share something that inspired me this week (or at least recently).

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Another Working Weekend

Weekend Plans Diverted

Some folks seemed to really like my post from last week detailing my weekend author plans, so I’ve decided to do it again! But this weekend’s a little different… Going into this weekend, I had several author-y things I wanted to accomplish: Finish editing Seaside Valleria #1. Finish up the marketing pieces for Seaside Valleria

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Why Romance?

Greetings, Vallerians!   Question for today: Why did I start writing romance? Short answer: Because I loved reading it! Want a longer answer? Okay, here goes… There are a lot of completely fabulous authors out there. Being an author doesn’t make me like books any less, though sometimes I might not have the time to

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Coffee Cup (c) KostyaKlimenko

The Daily Grind

Greetings, Vallerians! Today’s post gives you a look at my daily life. I don’t write full time (yet!) so I have to keep the day job while pursuing my dream. I have a lovely day job (I work for a nonprofit) and I can telework (or work from home) a fair amount, which makes it

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