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Planning Essentials – Planning Post 3

Planning Essentials

Yesterday, I talked about some of the digital planning and project management tools I use. Today I’ll start talking about paper planning. #PlannerPeace is something that’s hard to find, but I’ve gotten pretty close with my main planner. This planner is the one I use to help me plan personal stuff (everything from doctor’s appointments …

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Digital Project Management – Planning Post 2

Digital Planning

Yesterday, I kicked off my series on planning by talking about how I plan out my writing schedule at a high-level. Today, I’ll talk about digital tools I use to help me plan and keep track of all of the many low-level, specific details. Publishing a book (whether self-published like mine currently are, traditionally published …

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New Release! (and Fictional Fear – Fear Post 4)

Rush Cover Reveal w teaser

Before we continue with my series on overcoming fear, let’s celebrate a new release! Rush, Hector & Millie’s story, the first in my Seaside Valleria series, is out now! “I’m messed up,” she confessed. He’d probably figured that out, but she needed to say it. “I know, baby,” he said softly. “That doesn’t turn me …

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Today’s post is a tough one. I debated posting this, but my heart is just aching too much. I’ll just say it: #FamiliesBelongTogether. That is not a political issue. It is not a partisan issue. This is a HUMAN issue. Everyone deserves human dignity. If you’d like to help, this article has some great resources. …

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Hate vs. Love


It’s turning out to be one of those weeks… There are forces in my life that tell me I’m constantly not good enough. That I need to change parts of me to fit whatever idealized version they have for my life. Sometimes it’s a physical change, sometimes it’s something else about my life they hate …

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