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Goals are Dreams with a deadline

Goals & Future Publishing Schedule

Jul 4, 2018 | 1

Now that I’ve published Ripple, the second in the Seaside Valleria series, I wanted to give you a quick look […]

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You Make Me Super Happy

Wednesday Inspiration (and Thank You!)

Jul 3, 2018 | 0

There’s only 7 days left in my #100Days series! Since next Wednesday will be my wrap-up post for the series, […]

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Ripple (Persy & Sully) (Seaside Valleria 2) by Marianne Knightly

New Release! (and Vision Boards – Planning Post 5)

Jul 3, 2018 | 0

Before we continue with my series on planning, let’s celebrate a new release! Ripple, Persy & Sully’s story, the second […]

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Other Planning Products

Other Planners & Products – Planning Post 4

Jul 1, 2018 | 2

Yesterday I talked about my planning essentials and the tools I always use. Today, I’ll talk about other planners and […]

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Planning Essentials

Planning Essentials – Planning Post 3

Jun 30, 2018 | 1

Yesterday, I talked about some of the digital planning and project management tools I use. Today I’ll start talking about […]

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Digital Planning

Digital Project Management – Planning Post 2

Jun 30, 2018 | 1

Yesterday, I kicked off my series on planning by talking about how I plan out my writing schedule at a […]

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Planning Quote

2019 Planning – Planning Post 1

Jun 29, 2018 | 3

Time to talk about PLANNING! I love planning and I love organizing. As someone who deals with anxiety, planning (especially […]

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Believe In Yourself

Believe in Yourself

Jun 28, 2018 | 0

Thursday Reminder… ~xoxo Marianne This is Post 87 of 100 as part of the #100DaysofMKAuthorLife. P.S. – Shameless Plug Time! Ripple […]

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Let Your Dreams Be Bigger Than Your Fears

Want vs. Am – Fear Post 5

Jun 27, 2018 | 0

There’s another part to overcoming fear, and that’s your mindset and how you view yourself. Learning to recognize or delve […]

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