Listen to a Snippet from the Royals 1 Audiobook!

Audiobook updates! We’ve finished recording the audiobook for the first Royals book, Alexander & Rebecca – I say ‘we’ but my brilliant narrator, Sarah Kempton, did all the work while I then reviewed/listened with a huge smile on my face. I’ll be sharing more from her and more about the audiobook in the next couple months, but I thought you might like to enjoy a sample from the audiobook in the meantime. This is a sample from Chapter 11, but you’ll get to hear both Alex & Rebecca.

I don’t know when it will release yet – I’ll be sure to update this post, my newsletter, etc. when I know. It’s been submitted to Audible/Amazon for final review and approval before going live, but this is a notoriously long process so you never know for sure when it might be done (latest estimate is 30 business days – business, not regular days – which would mean maybe January sometime). But this is the last mile before the finish line, so we’re nearly there!

Listen to the snippet, then comment below and let me know what you think! Are you excited for the audiobook???

-xoxo Marianne

5 thoughts on “Listen to a Snippet from the Royals 1 Audiobook!”

  1. I enjoyed the sample as I love the books. What I don’t like is the fact that Alexander’s part is read by a woman. His strength of character that is prominent in the books, is not in the audible version.

    1. Hi, Grace! Sarah does a fantastic job narrating the book, even the male parts. This is just a few minutes in a scene where Alex is more gentle, but she does a great job with Alex’s character and arc in the book and that strength is definitely visible (or audible? listenable? hearable?) throughout. I hope you’ll give the full audiobook a chance when it comes out!

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