You Matter

First, I hope you are healthy and safe. Second, I want to say that I care about you. I care about each and every person reading this. As an author of color (I’m of SE Asian descent, if you weren’t aware), I am with you all during this time and 100000% agree that #BlackLivesMatter. That trans rights matter (fuck you JK Rowling). That every man, woman, non-binary individual – that EVERY FUCKING HUMAN – deserves to be treated like, well, a human.

Valleria is also a diverse country, so if anything I just wrote isn’t your cup of tea, then my books (and me) may not be for you either. While I typically write cis heterosexual relationships, that may not always be the case, and I want my books (and Valleria) to be a safe space for you and my characters to go to.

I also have several upcoming promos. It’s a shitty time to send an email or promote things, and I did consider withdrawing from the promos all together, but decided to move forward. Books have helped me find quiet, find a safe place to go mentally, and helped manage my anxiety. Hopefully, the books I’ll be sharing through promos and giveaways over the next few months (both mine and others) may help you do the same.

I’ll be sharing more writing and life updates in the next post. Until then, be well.

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