Today’s post is a tough one.

I debated posting this, but my heart is just aching too much. I’ll just say it: #FamiliesBelongTogether. That is not a political issue. It is not a partisan issue. This is a HUMAN issue. Everyone deserves human dignity. If you’d like to help, this article has some great resources.


I know posting this might make some people unhappy, but things are happening in this world that are terrifying and dangerous and frightening and heartwrenching and scary. I strive to keep this blog upbeat, but I also want this blog to be a safe space for people, too. It’s why I wrote a post telling people they are not alone, and why I’m posting this now. If you unfollow me or this blog because of it, okay, I understand why. Know that this blog and this space will be waiting for you if you decide to return.

It’s hard for me as an author to find a balance. Do I only post about my author-y and book-y type stuff? Or do I also post about the things going on in the world? And why can’t I do both? It’s a balance I’ll continue to search for. I spent so much of my life being told I couldn’t speak up when awful things were happening around me or even to me; I just can’t stay silent anymore. I don’t want to stay silent anymore. Everyone deserves a peaceful life, a happy life, a fulfilling life. Let’s all help each other, and be kind to each other.

~xoxo Marianne

This is Post 80 of 100 as part of the #100DaysofMKAuthorLife.

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