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I’m An Author

Today, I’m stating the obvious…

Emerson Quote

I’m an author. I think about author-related stuff several times over the course of a day. Sometimes it’s about the menial tasks any business owner needs to do (because being an author is a business) like accounting and other admin. Other times, it’s about the stories swirling in my head. Right now, I’m sort of in-between books. Seaside Valleria 3 is with my editor, and I’m not starting Seaside Valleria 4 until next month. That means there’s not one story my brain needs to focus on, so I can muse about other characters I’d like to write about in the future. Sometimes a royal pops into my head, sometimes a character from the seaside, other times it’s a character you haven’t met yet from a future Vallerian spin-off series I’m thinking about for next year.

Before I overcame my fear and started putting words on the page, I wouldn’t think about writing at all. I refused to think about it. Every time my brain veered in that direction, I’d force it somewhere else. Eventually, when I did start writing, it slowly began to take more of my days. It was an escape from the troubling times and people around me, and I found a relief in writing that I hadn’t experienced before. Before I knew it, I’d be thinking about stories more and more each day, and imagining what it’d be like to publish a book.

Now, here I am, nearly five years later – five years! – and I’ve published 14 books, with another 3 on the way this year. “You become what you think about all day long.” I think this Emerson quote is spot on. I think about – dream about – being a full-time author every day, and I’m slowly becoming that.

I think this also quote applies to how you feel about yourself. I didn’t feel very worthy for a long time, because others had made me feel that way. Now, I’m working hard to change that perception about myself, to become more confident. If I tell myself I’m worthy, then I’ll start to believe it about myself, too.

I wake up in the morning and think ‘I’m an author’. I may be on the way to the day job that pays the bills, but I’m an author and I do author-related stuff before I go to that day job.

I am an author. I am worthy.

Neither of those is hard to say. I might have thought they were, but they’re really not.

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~xoxo Marianne

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