Month: May 2018

Plans for the Day

Weekend Plans – Week 7

What am I doing today/this weekend? Watching the Royal Wedding of course! I’m tweeting as I watch it live (though it may be over by the time this post goes live). Here’s my first tweet of the #RoyalWedding – just read through the threads and tweets from there! Other than that, my goals for the …

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Mistakes are Proof You are Trying

Mistakes Are Okay

Mistakes are okay… I’m a firm believer that everything in life happens for a reason. If I fail at something or make a mistake, that is just life’s way of putting me back on the right path. This week, I contacted my editor for an extension (so I could turn in Seaside Valleria 3 a …

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Keep Going

Keep Going

It’s been a rough week y’all… My body is telling me slow down, my day job is telling me to speed up, and my writing is telling me to work harder. Today, I’m reminding myself to keep going, but to also take time to rest when I can. I’m considering shifting some of my dates …

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Don't Look Back

Don’t Look Back

Time for another Winspiration Wednesday… I tend to do this. I’ll look back over things I did wrong or mistakes I made (in life and in writing). One of my personal goals this year was to keep looking forward, and I’m reminding myself about that today. I can’t change yesterday, but I can do my …

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Happy Mothers Day

Holiday Reflections

This is a tough holiday… If you follow me on social media (or on this blog) I don’t usually post holiday reminders. I (and Valleria!) are inclusive, so if I post one holiday I feel like I need to post all of them, whether that’s a cultural holiday Mother’s Day or a religious holiday. I’m …

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Weekend Plans

Weekend Plans – Week 6

Let’s get right to it… If you’re a regular reader of the blog, you might recall that I listed out my goals for the next couple weeks in a previous post. Of that list, here are my top priorities (I’m keeping it small and achievable this weekend!): Royals 10. Finish up the ebook testing and …

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Have a Good Day

Have a Good Day

Yesterday was a rough one… Super long day at the day job, followed by computer issues when I got home meant I got nothing done last night. I was basically up a lot of the night fixing the computer issues before I caught some sleep. But they seem to be fixed (yay!) and it’s going …

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Believe in You

Believe in You

Thursday thoughts… Believe in you! Believe you can make it through the rest of the week (we’re so close to the weekend). Believe in you! If you don’t believe you can achieve your goals, no one else will either. Believe in you! Believe you can finish that project, whatever it may be. You can do …

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Little Things Make Big Days

Little Things Make Big Days

Tuesday Reminder…. Even though you may not finish everything you set out to do each day, the point is that you are doing SOMETHING each day towards your goals. On Monday, I was able to write more in Seaside Valleria 3. Is it as much as I wanted? No, but writing a little each day …

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