Believe in Yourself

Weekend Progress – Week 5

So, how much of my massive to-do list did I get finished? Not much, and that’s okay.

Believe in Yourself

I managed to finish edits to the next Royals book, so now it’s time for ebook testing! I got some edits to Ripple (Seaside Valleria 2) done as well, and am hoping to finish that up with my half-day off tomorrow. Then, I’ll just be ebook testing 3 books (Royals 10, Ripple, and Rush) and writing Seaside Valleria 3.

All in all, I’m proud of how my weekend turned out. That’s something we’re taught not to do, isn’t it? Being proud of our own accomplishments? Women are supposed to be humble and not be able to take a compliment (at least that’s how I grew up). But that’s something I’m trying to change. I’m proud of what I finished this weekend. Would I like to have done more? Sure. Could someone else (even someone else with my health issues) have done more? Maybe.

It’s easy to compare yourself to other people and their progress. Be proud of YOUR progress. Own it. Be happy about it. Even brag about it. If you don’t toot your own horn, others might not toot it either.

As for the blog this week and next, I think I’m going to keep it simple so I can focus on finishing up my books. That means I won’t talk about the creative process as much, but maybe I’ll post fun or inspirational/motivational images each day. Something that will help keep me going, and hopefully help you, too. I’ll still do these weekend posts and I’m planning to do the Royals 10 cover and title reveal this week, so I’ll still do a few ‘standard’ posts but I’m just replacing the remainder of them for the next week or two.

How about you? How did your weekend turn out? Comment on this post and let me know!

~xoxo Marianne

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