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Cover Reveal! Rush (Hector & Millie, Seaside Valleria #1)

Drum roll, please…

Rush Cover Reveal w teaser

Here it is…the cover for Rush! This is Hector & Millie’s story, the first book in my upcoming Seaside Valleria series. I’m so thrilled with how it came out! I’ll talk more about the cover creation process this week, but I wanted to start off with a cover reveal.

Fans of my Royals of Valleria series have already met Hector. He debuted in Prince Lorenzo’s story, and you got a sneak peek of this story and his love Millie/Amelia near the end of that book. But don’t worry if you haven’t read that book! I write all my books to be standalones, which means you don’t need to have read any other book before jumping in and reading this one. I give you any info you might need in the book itself, so you’ll learn all about Hector in his own book.

If you wanted to read Prince Lorenzo’s story first, you can do that, too – even though it’s the eighth in the series, because each book is a standalone, you can pick it up without needing to read the earlier books in the series.

What do you think of Hector & Millie’s cover? Are you excited to read it? Comment on this post and let me know, and make sure you’re signed up for my newsletter and/or blog to get the pre-order details first! I’ll have a synopsis and more info coming soon!

~xoxo Marianne

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