April 2018

Weekends Dont Exist, a post by Marianne Knightly

The Truth About Weekends

The truth about weekends is… …that the weekend is a myth. It’s something we’ve lulled ourselves into thinking will be a relaxing few days at the end of the week, when we all know they’re not most of the time. There are family commitments, errands to run, kids to manage if you’ve got some (I …

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Why Romance?

Greetings, Vallerians!   Question for today: Why did I start writing romance? Short answer: Because I loved reading it! Want a longer answer? Okay, here goes… There are a lot of completely fabulous authors out there. Being an author doesn’t make me like books any less, though sometimes I might not have the time to …

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Coffee Cup (c) KostyaKlimenko

The Daily Grind

Greetings, Vallerians! Today’s post gives you a look at my daily life. I don’t write full time (yet!) so I have to keep the day job while pursuing my dream. I have a lovely day job (I work for a nonprofit) and I can telework (or work from home) a fair amount, which makes it …

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