Ebook Creation

Ebook Creation: Post-Writing Process

Once the book is ready to go (or at least when I think it’s ready to go), it’s time for the next phase: ebook creation.

Ebook Creation

Ebook creation happens after the editing phase. Once I review and make my copyeditor’s changes, and once the cover is ready, I can make the ebook. The technical aspect of the ebook involves using a Word template, which I then import into ebook creation software. I use Vellum as my software, which is super fast and easy. It doesn’t have as much customization as other options out there, and you’re forced to use a Mac or Mac-in-cloud for it, but overall I really like it. If you’d like a more detailed post about the technical side of this, let me know and I’ll post how I do it.

Once I create the ebook using the software, I then need to side-load it onto an e-reader (since it’s not available for download in stores yet, I have to load it onto the reader through another method). I like to test how it looks on various ones – Nook, iBooks, Kindle, and Kobo – just in case there’s a formatting issue that you see on one, but not the others.

After that, I do a read-through of the book. This is what takes a long time because, as I read, I also update the file and manuscript with any typos or formatting issues I might catch. Once I’ve updated those things, I basically start over and redo the ebook, then reload it onto the e-reader, and do it all over.

Even after all that, something still might get missed, but I know I’ve tried my hardest. However, once I’m happy with how the ebook looks, then it’s ready to for publication! Whoo hoo! This weekend, I’m doing ebook creation for Seaside Valleria 1.

What about print, you may ask? I haven’t published my books in print (yet!) but it’s something I’m working on for this year. The formatting and cover creation process is different and can take longer. Right now, I’m also going back through and reformatting my earlier books and correcting some typos, so they’ll be ready for print. My priority right now, however, is to focus on getting my new releases out over the next couple months, and working on writing the next books. Once I get past June, I should have some more time to focus on this goal. When I get to that point, if you’d like me to write about it, let me know as well.

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~xoxo Marianne

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