Happy Weekend Week 4

Weekend Plans – Week 4

Another week, another weekend. Here are my author-y plans for the days ahead!

Happy Weekend Week 4

You’ve probably noticed a pattern about my weekends, and that I’m working on the same books. When we’re close to crunch time (i.e., publication date) that’s typically how it goes. It’s different in the editing phase, because once the book’s in the hand of my editors I don’t do much with it. I might be working on the cover, but the time I spend on it isn’t as much. Once it’s back in my hands, however, it’s up to me to finish it! Because I’ve got the day job, I don’t do as much during the week, which is why my weekends are so important for my author-related productivity. Here are my goals:

Covers. I’m soclose to finishing up my book covers for not just Royals 10 and Seaside Valleria 1 & 2, but also Seaside Valleria 3! I got inspired and decided to follow my muse, so I’m going to finish these up this weekend.

Seaside Valleria 1. Create the ebook and test it. Given the length of this book, I think this alone could take me all weekend. More on this tomorrow!

Seaside Valleria 2. Go through my copyeditor’s comments and make changes. This is a like-to-do, because while I’d like to get it done this weekend, it’s not a priority.

Seaside Valleria 3. WRITE, WRITE, WRITE! I have a lot of work to do on this book and an exhausting week at the day job meant I didn’t write much at all this week. I need to pick up the pace this weekend.

So that’s the short, sweet, and mighty list. Let’s see how much I finish.

What are you doing this weekend? Comment on this post and let me know!

~xoxo Marianne

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