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*Note: This short story may be read as a standalone, though you may prefer to read Alex & Rebecca’s love story (Alexander & Rebecca (Royals of Valleria #1)) first. This story takes place just after that book.

* * *

A commoner adjusting to a royal life.

Rebecca, newly engaged to Prince Alexander, heir to Valleria’s throne, has had a lot of changes in the last few months: falling in love, getting engaged, and moving into the Royal Palace, just to name a few. She’s trying so hard to be the best future princess and queen she can be, but will she need to make a large sacrifice to do it?

A prince adjusting to a future wife.

Alex is used to issuing orders, making split second decisions, and managing a kingdom with his father. What he’s not quite used to yet is sharing those decisions and duties with his fiancée.

A couple on the cusp of their first real fight.

One evening, Alex makes a decision concerning Rebecca, without consulting her first. When he returns home to tell her, he finds a surprise he wasn’t expecting.

This one, from her.

And the shock of it leaves him reeling.

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